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Grow your recruitment business, save time and money and avoid costly mistakes.

I work with owners, Boards, and Senior Leadership Teams of recruitment companies - excellent recruiters in their own right - who realise the advantage of engaging an expert who brings an unbiased, external perspective into their business across 6 areas:

Working with business owners to analyse the current situation, cement future goals, develop the roadmap to achieve those goals and ensure they stay on track.

Welcome to Matrix Executive

What I Offer You

Expand your business, increase profits and overcome challenges.

Since 2010 I've brought my unique mix of recruitment and business expertise to recruitment companies from start-ups to established firms.

A 30-year recruitment veteran as a Consultant, MD, Advisor, and owner ("About Me").

My Expertise:


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I’ve enjoyed working ambitious SME recruitment business owners since 2010. But what do they say about working with me?

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