How to deal with business worries in 5 mins per day

We all worry about things. If youโ€™re a recruitment business owner, I can probably have a decent guess at some of them ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผ

You know itโ€™s not helpful to fret. It doesnโ€™t solve anything. Often it makes it worse.

But, that doesnโ€™t stop you obsessing.

How do you deal with business worries? Keep doing the same thing? Keep busy and ignore them?

A simple, practice for you to try โ€ฆ

For 2 weeks, spend just 5 mins per day jotting down your biggest worries or concerns, bullet point style.


1. Youโ€™re restricting yourself to a 5 mins (or 10 mins max) time limit to think about your worries to stop yourself getting lost in circular thoughts.
2. Youโ€™ll realise that you have the same concerns going round and round almost every day.
3. Youโ€™ll sort the wheat from the chaff โ€ฆ ie concerns you can do something about and those you canโ€™t.
4. You can make a conscious choice to dump the ones you canโ€™t do anything with.
5. You can decide to take action on the reduced list you can affect (by chunking down on the problem).

Try it. It helps. Iโ€™ve done it with loads of clients.

If you own your own recruitment business and you canโ€™t crack a problem yourself, feel free to connect with me and we can deal with it together.

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