Recruitment owners – how to scale your business – 10 pointers to focus on

If you’ve struggled to scale your recruitment business, you’re not alone. It’s not because you’re not working hard enough. But you do need to make deliberate choices to grow your business, not just your revenues.

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1️⃣ Get clear on your future vision & objectives – you want to start thinking and making decisions with where you want to be in mind.

2️⃣ Check out the competition – if they’re already where you want to be, how big are they, what markets do they concentrate on, what’s their business model …

3️⃣ Get your house in order for growth – do you have the IT systems, processes, cash flow to get where you want to be?

4️⃣ If you want to scale, you need to replicate what you do well. Write it out, automate where you can & share it so people can follow your processes.

5️⃣ Your values are going to come under pressure as you grow. Protect them at all costs … they’re with you for life!

6️⃣ “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – the culture of your business needs to stand strong. Make sure you appreciate the team you build.

7️⃣ Track it – write down your milestones & KPIs and put measurements in place to constantly check you are on track & minimise nasty surprises.

8️⃣ Don’t compromise on quality – if you lose that as you grow, you’re dead in the water.

9️⃣ Know your weaknesses & stress points – how are your leadership skills, do you have funding, are you managing your cash flow … write them down and address them.

🔟 Outsource … you can’t be good at everything and you are excellent at some things. Outsource and seek help when it’s more efficient to do so.

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