Recruitment owners – link your personal motivation to your business plan … or flush it 

Firstly – business plans. This post isn’t about the importance of having a business plans … but …

✖️25% of companies have no business plan
✖️25% don’t have it written down
✖️ 60% of companies fail in 1st 3 years

That’s not all down to business plans of course, but failing to plan leads to … well, a lack of focus at least. 🧐

But it’s not enough to have a written plan. Even if that plan’s a cracker.


Most important

🗝️ To stay on track and see it through, it’s got to appeal to your true personal motivations, your emotions.

If your plan and your personal motivations are not aligned, you’ll find reasons to delay, change course and stall.

I’m not just talking about finding your ‘why’. For the majority, the ‘why’ is a conscious, well thought out business reason for you to do what you do.

No, I’m talking about your real, deep rooted motivations that stir and excite you.

Sit down, talk it through with someone, people that know you. Take your time. What gives you energy? What always makes you react. Really listen to your gut. Take a motivation test to help guide you.

If you can nail those down and wrap them around your plan, then it can really catch fire. 🔥.



Once you marry these up, you’ll no longer look at your plan as something you need to work through to achieve your goals. 🎯

It will help drive you through the tough times and keep you fully focused on the road ahead and loving what you do.

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