Recruitment: The top 10 work benefits that attract people in 2022

Attracting workers – it’s the #1 challenge for most businesses.

❓Why would someone join your business rather than stay where they are?

Whether you are trying to hire staff for your own recruitment company or for your client’s business, there’s a shortage of top talent.

Companies are striving to re-shape and re-focus in order to attract staff/workers.

Company culture, vision, mission, salary, commission/bonus, options, shares etc are all important components to persuade employees to join an organisation.

But what are workers saying about the benefits that would tempt them away from their current employer and over to another?

📋 Survey
In a recent survey by iCompario, they asked 1000 working Brits to find out.

The individual elements are not surprising in themselves but the order is very interesting.

🔐 Flexibility is key.

At #1 nearly 7 out of 10 said they would consider moving to a new company for a 4 day week. Food for thought.

💡 Benefits most likely to tempt workers away from their employer:

1️⃣ A four-day working week (68%)

2️⃣ Flexible hours (64%)

3️⃣ Overtime pay (63%)

4️⃣ Remote working (56%)

5️⃣ A company pension scheme (56%)

6️⃣ A private healthcare plan (54%)

7️⃣ Performance based bonuses (54%)

8️⃣ Early finish on a Friday (54%)

9️⃣ Company shares (50%)

🔟 Employee discounts (50%)

There are several trials and real life examples that have shown that a 4 day week can lead to an increase in productivity.

As an owner of a recruitment company, would you be tempted to do this? Are you already?

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